Dental Union Laboratory


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Dental Union Laboratory

Dental Union Laboratory is a new generation prosthetic lab which can easily compare with leading laboratories worldwide. We have been in the market for 15 years, offering full range of prosthetic services for dental surgeons and dental technicians, and organising professional training in the field of prosthetics for dental professionals.

We have been pioneers in the Polish market in the introduction of modern technologies. We are leaders in implantology practice; we have extensive experience in most systems available in the world. It is we who introduced aluminium trioxide (Alumina) and zirconium dioxide restorations in the Polish market in the following systems: CAD CAM (Procera®, Everest®) and In Ceram®. Therefore, we have the best experience in this field. As we use most systems for creating extremely precise structures, which are the most efficient and the best proven in worldwide prosthetics, we can deal with any problem a dental surgeon wishes to resolve. Our personnel also follows the latest advances to guarantee the quality of work and the highest professional standards. Our technicians have many year experience in their profession. They have many training certificates. We are using old and new generation materials, and we know how to combine them skilfully to ensure the highest quality, advanced technology and perfect aesthetics. Our lab is equipped with technologically advanced devices of leading manufacturers: Heraeus, KaVo, Bego, Degussa, Vita, Dentaurum, C. Hafner, as well as the following systems:

  • for making all ceramic structures: In Ceram (Vita), Procera (Nobel BioCare), CAD/CAM Everest (KaVo), Zino (Wieland)
  • for casting: IQ vacuum casting machine (Heraeus), Autocast Universal 230 casting machine for titanium and other alloys, with vacuum and argon environment (Dentaurum)
  • for creating implant bridge structures from the level of titanium, steel, gold and zirconium implants in all key implant systems available worldwide: Procera® (Nobel BioCare) PIB type framework (Procera Implant Bridge), Astra Cresco® (Astra Tech)
  • for creating galvanic structures (C. Hafner)

Owing to our experience and precision in using the technology, Dental Union Laboratory has been acknowledged and recommended for co operation by companies such as KaVo and Nobel Biocare.

Straumann® has chosen Mrs. Agnieszka Jasek as the presenter and trainer of their products in the field of dental technique.

However, DUL not only means professionalism, aesthetics and the latest technologies. The excellence and innovative approach of our company are also reflected in our authorial enterprise and human resources management system. A specialist computer software, designed by Agnieszka Jasek, organises and systematises the work of the laboratory. At DUL, monthly we perform hundreds of works for about 250 physicians; therefore, our professional system is an ideal logistic solution so that every physician working with us feels secure. A large number of works performed also translates into enormous practical experience in our field.

Dental surgery, like most domains of life, is subject to fashion these days. Therefore, we also follow the trends, trying to make all patients’ wishes come true. Our mission is to ensure that patients feel secure and be happy.

The motto of our work at Dental Union Laboratory is:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Co-operation