Dental Union Laboratory


tel: +48 (22) 868 55 90

Laboratory offer

Dental Union Laboratory has been performing any implant based works for 10 years. Our knowledge, commitment and specific philosophy of implant work comprehension has given results in the form of aesthetic, properly designed and technically correct works.

We have used this philosophy universally and we can apply it to all implant systems. Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art devices – for example, the latest generation vacuum casting machine, as well as advanced technologies allowing us to perform any prosthetic works you may propose to your patients. Co operating with us, you do not have to order your works to several labs due to their specialisation. We have all the specialisations. We will also inform you about innovations, and our operating procedures will protect you from problems occurring in other laboratories which rarely or occasionally work using various systems and technologies.

At Dental Union Laboratory you can find:

  • systems: Procera, In Ceram, all ceramic crown inlays and veneers, Galvanoforming
  • philosophy: works based on implants synchronised with the temporomandibular joint
  • awareness: combinations of various systems based on material and technology know how, thorough knowledge on the use of materials
  • modern materials: zirconium oxide, aluminium trioxide, titanium, galvanic gold
  • safety: we use the best, proven, stable materials and modern, precise machines
  • simplicity: the works are performed in a simple way ensuring their longevity and enabling fast and efficient repair in the case of any problems.

Our laboratory has a treatment room for patients who require colour matching procedures or individual colouring with a technician. We would like to ask the patients to schedule their colour selection visits on Monday through Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm at (22) 868 55 90/91.