Dental Union Laboratory


tel: +48 (22) 868 55 90


Our laboratory is equipped with all state of the art devices, systems and technologies, allowing us to perform any prosthetic works you may propose to your patients. We have various systems at our disposal, including:

  • Procera®,
  • CAD/CAM KaVo Everest®,
  • Wieland CrescoTi,
  • Galvanoforming,
  • In Ceram®,
  • all-ceramic crown inlays and veneers

We use the best, steady materials, such as:

  • zirconium oxide,
  • aluminium trioxide,
  • titanium,
  • galvanic gold,
  • gold alloys.

The works are performed in a simple way ensuring longevity and enabling fast and efficient repair in the case of any problems.